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Getting Started

We're here to make your outdoor dream an easy reality

Building a swimming pool and or outdoor living area can be a daunting task. So many decisions to be made about so many different things. Looking at hundreds of pool pictures and dozens of websites for hours and hours is enough to give anyone a small headache. We understand and we are here to help.

Step 1: Our first meeting will be to visit your property

We understand you have a busy life with lots of moving parts. We want to accommodate your schedule so a daytime or evening appointment is no problem for us. Your designer will meet with you and discuss what you’re looking for in a swimming pool or outdoor living area. They will take measurements, check elevations, look for utilities, access, and take several pictures of the property.

Step 2: Schedule a second meeting with you at Bravo Custom Pools Showroom and Design Center

This is where you will pick materials, colors and best of all see what your Designer has created for you. Feel free to bring your whole family! We are a family business and all ages are welcome.

Using the latest state of the art computer software, your designer will take you on a 3D tour of your future backyard oasis. Our design software will allow you to virtually dive into your new Bravo Custom Pool and view it from any angle, from the inside of your new grotto, from 600’ in the air, or out of any window in your house. You will now see the tremendous potential of your backyard and appreciate our attention to every detail!

The entire project will be priced out before your arrival. You will see a down to the cent breakdown and truly know what you’re getting. We believe in not having any surprises during the construction process, so every option and detail will be discussed.

It’s a lot to take in we know, but we will get through it together! We guarantee your experience to fun and enjoyable along with providing you complete satisfaction with the final product. That is our mission!